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Experienced stone consultants, the Cawdor Ramsey partnership provides a unique and comprehensive range of consulting services including design, procurement, installation and maintenance of natural stone cladding, flooring, furnishings and hard landscaping to the global construction industry.


Electronic data transfer and use of the latest CAD technology ensures close integration with a quick response regardless of the project location.  Multi-site teleconferencing facilitates routine meeting input and assists supply chain co-ordination.


Inspection teams maintain vigilant supervision of the stone selection, fabrication, packaging and shipment processes.  Crating methodology is controlled to ensure protection from the elements and minimise the potential for damage in transit.


A world-class project management system combined with the extensive resources and experience across the group means that Cawdor Ramsey can provide a total solution or can assist with a specific element of a project. 


The full range of services includes; stone sourcing and testing, design development, fabricator selection, quality control and logistical support, installation supervision, inspection and reports and further details can be obtained by clicking on the links or contacting Cawdor.




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