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Stone sourcing and testing includes recommending stone sources and types to achieve the aesthetic goals for colour and texture within the budget parameters set by the client.  Quarry analysis is undertaken to review its production capabilities and the stone is tested for compliance to the specifications set. 


Dealing with stone on a daily basis means that Cawdor Ramsey can advise on the best solutions for your project and will know those that are likely to be compliant for your project.


Design development includes providing shop drawings and details, considering interfaces and issuing cutting tickets within the schedule delivery sequence.  Support and restraint anchorage design is considered with all structural conditions. A licensed engineer verifies all calculations.


Aware of the installation and practicality of use for the stone chosen, Cawdor Ramsey can ensure that your design is safe and within building regulations.


Fabricator selection includes proposing competent fabricators, considering the nature of the project and stones selected.  A suitable aesthetic range for each stone type is established.


From their many years of experience and working with a selection of fabricators through the installation process, Cawdor Ramsey will know the suppliers you need for your project.


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