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Quality control and logistical support includes a full independent inspection and quality assurance regime to ISO 9000 standards tailored to each individual project.  Project shipment requirements are co-ordinated with the fabricator and site.  Production is monitored at plants, with real-time reports on progress.  Creative solutions are considered for schedule slippage.


The Cawdor Ramsey quality control process means that quality will be maintained and time schedules will be met. 


Installation supervision includes routine site inspections and reports on quality and progress.  Installers’ procedures are assessed to enhance the quality of the works.  After installation Cawdor Ramsey will carry out as-built surveys and compile defects lists as part of an overall sign-off process in addition to guidance given on operation and maintenance manuals.


Decades of experience of installation of stone means that Cawdor Ramsey supervisors know exactly what to look for in quality installation, and will inspect, report and advise as part of an integrated project management process.


Inspection and reports are provided to clients with photographic evidence of all the findings and recommend a course of action to be taken.  This ensures that quality standards are maintained for your projects.


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