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Established in 1986 Grant Ameristone was set up to capitalise on the use of natural stone in the commercial office development boom. Their first project was the Travertine cladding and paving to the Central Square of the Broadgate office development, for which they received a Natural Stone Award in 1988.

In 1993, with the UK market in depression, Grant Ameristone was purchased by the Cawdor Group and targeted business overseas. Their first International project, the World Trade Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka started in the same year and a Hong Kong office was opened in 1995. The office was very successful and many prestigious projects were won in Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Over the same period, the UK office worked at a low level but capitalised on the increased activity in the USA working on a spread of projects throughout America.

Further developments were made with the opening of the Cawdor Stone Gallery in 2003, Cawdor Ramsey was formed in 2004 and Cawdor Hofmann in 2005. In 2006 Grant Ameristone changed name to help unify and strengthen the brand identity, combining the four divisions under one name – The Cawdor Stone Group.

The UK market has continued to grow steadily now making Cawdor Stone one of the major players, executing substantial stone projects and winning many natural stone awards.


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